Four Decades of Experience 

Based in Bradenton, Florida, Anko Products, Inc. is an ISO certified manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, actuated valves and fractional-horsepower gear motors with over 40 years of fluid path control experience.
Complete Solutions for Your Applications
Our products are designed to handle a wide range of fluids, from high purity to caustic solutions, and are used in a wide range of applications within the sanitary, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and environmental industries.
Integrated Manufacturing
Our vertically integrated operation enables us to produce high quality, cost effective parts and gives us unparalleled flexibility to provide unique and timely solutions.
Design, Develop, Deliver
Delivering reliable, timely and cost-effective solutions to the OEM has been at the core of our business since it's inception.  We offer a wide range of standard products and excel at the opportunity to modify our current designs or develop unique products that meet our customers' special needs.
Utilizing an MRP based manufacturing system gives us the flexibility to meet our customers delivery system requirements. We are experienced in working with various customer implementations of pull order systems.
Our ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality system ensures that our designs are produced to customer expectations. Our thorough design verification and vendor qualification systems ensure a smooth transition from concept to production.