A600DX | OEM Peristaltic Pump | 24V DC | Models to 4700 mL/min

SKU: A603DX-150

Tubing Class: Ultra
RPM Class (See Flow Rates Table): 150
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The A600DX is a high-flow pump driven by our high performance, 24V brushed DC motor rated for continuous-duty. Designed to operate with large bore Ultra Class tubing, this unit is ideal for pumping high volumes and viscous or abrasive fluids. 

The unit ships installed with 3/8" bore Ultra Norprene®. This formulation is our most popular due to its wide range of chemical compatibility and overall longevity. 

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated pump and drive system
  • Accepts continuous lengths of tubing for clean fluid paths
  • Includes panel mounting plate for ease of installation
  • Viscosity rating up to 3000 centipoise
  • Up to 15 psi working pressure
  • Made in USA


Please contact us for volume quotes or configurations not available on our web store.

INCLUDES:  Drive, pump head, mounting plate and 3/8" bore Norprene® drive tube. Typically ships within 5 to 7 business days.

California Proposition 65 Warning

Flow Rates
Flow Rates by RPM Class and Tube Bore (mL/min)
RPM Class Tube Bore
3/8" 1/4"
300 4725 2100
150 2228 990


Flow rates are for guidance purposes only and are based upon pumping ambient temperature (22°C/72°F) water at zero pressure and zero lift. Rates may increase/decrease based upon numerous factors including: motor variances, tubing characteristics, fluid viscosity, lift height, pressure and number of rollers. Anko reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice. The information provided is not intended for a specific application purpose.
    Pump Series A603DX
    Tubing Class Ultra-Duty
    Motor Type Brushed DC (42mm)
    Operating Voltage 24V
    Rated Current 2.0A
    Duty Cycle Continuous
    Est. Motor Life 2,500 Hours
    Max. Outlet Pressure 25 psi
    Pump Head Polycarbonate
    Roller Material Acetal
    Rotor Material Polycarbonate

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